50 Most Trendy and Flattering Bangs for Round Faces in 2020

Do bangs look good on round faces? Of course, they do! Good bangs for round face vary significantly in their length, shape, and style, but together with your hairstylist, you will be able to find the fringe that best flatters your face shape and features. In this article, you’ll get inspiring ideas for amazing bangs that look good with a round face and suit all ages and lifestyles.

Best Round Face Haircuts with Bangs

There are several key principles to keep in mind when choosing between different types of bangs for a round face. First, the bang should visually elongate the face, making it look more oval. Long side-swept bangs cope with this mission better than any other.

Another secret is to make some volume on the crown when styling a bang. Textured bangs, especially those cut above the eyes, perform a nice trick: they diffuse the roundness and open up your face. One more way to “cut” the excess width is to leave pieces in front of the ears.

Straight full bangs are among the things to avoid, as they show off the roundness of the face. Nonetheless, a shorter length and longer pieces at the sides can make even a blunt bang flattering for the round face shape. The same goes for center parting: while this hairstyle is often the absolute no for round faces, curtain bangs may eventually shift the focus away from the face roundness.

Look through these 50 handpicked variants to choose a perfect fringe for your face shape.

1. Korean Bangs for Round Faces. Korean bangs end between the eyebrows and lashes. These create a fresh and dreamy impression and suit European ladies just as smoothly as Asians.

Shag with Korean Bangs for Chubby Faces

2. Round Face & Medium Hair with Bangs. A firm resolution to get rid of long strands and cover the forehead transforms any lady. You’ll seem deliciously naughty, sassy, cheeky, and playful.

Medium Hair with Bangs for a Round Face

3. Bangs for Curly Hair and Round Face. This “I’ve just woke up” mane generates a tender, innocent appearance. Trim your bangs monthly so that they don’t get into your eyes.

Curly Bangs for Round Faces

4. Rounded Bangs for a Round Face. Such a style brings out your tenderness, friendliness, and empathy. It’s ideal for long hair with soft natural waves. Otherwise, you can use a hairdryer to create the desired volume.

Half-Moon Bangs for a Round Face

5. Round Face & Long Layers with Bangs. With this variety of bangs for round face shape, you’ll look like a schoolgirl. You’re young, smart, and serious, yet always ready to smile.

Piece-y Bangs for a Round Face

6. See-Through Fringe for Round Face. If her ex-blond is currently growing to turn her into a full-fledged brunette once again, the darker bangs bring elegance to her image.

Bob with a Fringe for Round Faces

7. Front Bangs for Round Face. This bob haircut puts a meaningful accent on the eyes and eyebrows. For a neat, clean, and accurate impression, it’s important to fully cover the ears.

Round Face with Light Front BangsBy Jean Claude El Moughayar

8. Round Face & Long Hair with Bangs. Thick long hair looks stunning with bangs. These build up additional height and enhance the hair texture, bringing romantic flair to the look.

Long Textured Hair with Bangs for a Round Face

9. Bangs for Round Face with Glasses. Not all round face haircuts with bangs pair gorgeously with glasses, but if they do, the look will be smart, contemporary, and seductive.

Medium Round Face Haircut with Bangs and Glasses

10. Blunt Bangs for Round Face. One should have thick and straight hair for this style. The darker the color the more stunning the bangs.

Short Blunt Bangs and a Round Face

11. Round Face Wispy Bangs. A long wispy bang might be one of the best ideas for a round face shape. Make it messy for a night out or switch to a center-parted hairstyle for a more official occasion.

Shag with Wispy Bangs for Round Faces

12. Swoop Full Bangs. It is quite risky for a thick-haired round-faced girl to opt for a bob, but the diagonal direction of the bang saves it all.

Short Bob with Full Swoopy Bangs

13. Long Side Bangs for Round Face with Glasses. The fine, feathered strands of this long side bang swept to both sides are a gorgeous addition to the bold round glasses. The secrets are the volume on top and long swoopy lines of the curtain bangs elongating the face.

Swoopy Curtain Bangs for Round Face with Glasses

14. Bangs for a Small Forehead and a Round Face. The curly strands draping the forehead make it look bigger. Styling the bang and adding more volume to the crown will create an illusion of a longer, oval face.

Medium Curly Hair with Bangs for a Round Face

15. Round Face Curtain Bangs. Here is a celeb-inspired look smashing the stereotype that there should be no middle part bangs for round faces. Curtain or parted bangs put the accent on the eyes, making the face seem longer.

Shag with Middle Part Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

16. Jagged Bangs with a Layered Lob. The layered lob with a jagged bang slims down the face, turning the cut into one of the best medium hairstyles with bangs for round faces.

Medium Bob with Jagged Bangs for Round Faces

17. Bangs for Curly Hair and Round Faces. Women with curly hair and a round face often shy away from a bang in order to avoid adding even more volume to the full face. The truth is, the right cut creates the opposite effect.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs for Round Faces

18. Long Hair Bangs for Round Face. The wavy wispy bang seamlessly blends into the hairstyle creating an excellent look, which is also super easy to maintain.

Long Wavy Hair with Bangs for a Round Face

19. Bangs for Round Chubby Face. Short-to-medium cuts can also be very flattering to full faces. Just look at how this textured micro bang brightens and frames the face, giving it a longer oval shape.

Medium Cut with Short Bangs for Chubby Faces

20. Layered Bang for a Round Face. It is delightful how a layered parted bang can follow the rules set by your own hair nature. Just leave the see-through areas to lighten the look.

Curly Layered Hair with Bangs

21. Choppy Bang for a Round Face. Unlike straight or blunt bangs, choppy bangs are full of movement and texture. The uneven length helps to balance the roundness of the face.

Choppy Shag with Bangs for a Round Face

22. Short Graphic Bangs. Blunt graphic bangs are no longer a taboo for round faces. Shorter bangs with pieces at the sides do not only slim the round face but also do away with its excessive softness.

Short Blunt Bangs for Round Faces

23. Front Bangs for Round Faces. Front bangs can look amazing on a round face, especially jagged or choppy bangs for a round face and big forehead.

Jagged Front Bangs for a Big Forehead

24. Asymmetric Bangs for Round Faces. An asymmetric bang is always a winning idea for a round face. Coupled with a layered bob that covers the ears, it leaves the round cheeks no chances to stand out.

Asymmetric Bob with Short Bangs for Round Faces

25. Round Face and Long Hair with Bangs. Rounded bangs might be another no-no for your round face. However, a jagged arched bang can transform your likes and dislikes concerning bangs and add to the list of superb hairstyles for women with long straight hair.

Round Face and Long Straight Hair with Arched Bangs

26. Wispy Bangs for Natural Hair. Wispy bangs work perfectly fine for curly hair and round faces. To make the bang fit the rest of the haircut, make sure that your stylist cuts your bangs dry.

Afro with Bangs for Round Faces

27. Layered Wavy Bangs. Layered bangs might help you create a well-rounded cut for curly hair. Having bangs that are above and below, but not at the same level with the cheekbones effectively masks their width.

Layered Bangs for Curly Hair and a Round Face

28. Choppy Parted Bangs. The parting of the bang accents the eyes and curvy lashes, making you look your best self without any additional styling.

Medium Shag with Choppy Parted Bangs

29. Korean Bangs for Round Faces. Korean bangs that end between eyebrows and lashes add so much intrigue to the look, that a focus on roundness becomes lost for good.

Round Face and Korean Bangs

30. Short Hair Bangs for Round Face. Another style that the proud owners of round faces can try is a pixie haircut with bangs. Rough-dry your hair for a modern textured look.

Pixie with Choppy Bangs for a Round Face

31. Experimental Bang Length for Round Faces. Get uneven layered bangs for your cute face. Style them differently each morning with foam and a hairdryer.

Round Face with Layered Bangs

32. Chubby Face & Long Hair with Bangs. Geometric contrasts are surprisingly good for round faces. The attention-grabbing combination of long straight strands and thick short bangs lifts the cheekbones and slims down the cheeks.

Long Hair with Blunt Bangs for Round Faces

33. Side-Swept Bangs for Round Face. Although not the most practical option for everyday life, it’s ideal for parties, celebrations, dates, photoshoots, and all sorts of festive occasions.

Round Face with Long Side-Swept Bangs

34. Feathered Side Bangs for Round Face. The more accents and details you use, the less round your face seems. Such a beautiful solution efficiently hides flaws and distracts attention from chubby cheeks.

Feathered Colored Bangs for Round Faces

35. Textured Bangs. The short textured variant is one of the best bangs for round face. It creates a spectacular accent on the eyebrows, which makes the cheeks visually smaller.

Textured Bangs for a Round Face

36. Curly Bangs for Chubby Face. Some may think that curly strands add unnecessary volume to a plump face. But don’t worry: if cut properly, curly bangs create the exact opposite effect.

Curly Hair with Bangs for a Chubby Face

37. Long Bangs for Round Face. You may cut cute long bangs to disguise your cheeks. It’s a very graceful combination of a round face and bangs.

Round Face and Long Bangs

38. Angled Bangs. It will become the most eye-catching element on your face, no one will pay attention to your slightly plumpy cheeks. Short haircuts for round faces work too!

Angled Bangs for a Plump Face

39. Bangs for Chubby Cheeks. Straight bangs can sometimes save the day in case your cheeks are chubby. This option suits best ladies with big facial features, curvy lashes, and sensual plump lips.

Chubby Face with Straight Bangs

40. Curtain Bangs for Round Face. This haircut will accentuate the beauty of your forehead and easily correct any imbalances. Style it differently each morning.

Round Face with Medium Hair and Curtain Bangs

41. Bangs for Round Faces with Small Foreheads. When volume is added to the bangs, the forehead seems bigger. This style is compatible with wavy and curly hair.

Curly Bangs for Small Foreheads

42. Middle Part Bangs. Style this option according to your mood and occasion. When going to school or work, leave the forehead open. When it’s time to party or socialize, cover it.

Middle Part Bangs for Round Faces

43. Short Bangs for Round Face. Short bangs emphasize the beauty of your high cheekbones. If your face is round but not overweight, an undercut may make you look slimmer.

Undercut with Short Bangs for Round Faces

44. Bangs for Chubby Face. A well-thought haircut is crucial for balancing your facial proportions. Sometimes it’s wiser to leave the bangs thin — thanks to this approach the face won’t seem too “heavy”.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs for Chubby Face

45. Fringe for Overweight Woman. If you cover your entire forehead with thick bangs, your face will seem smaller. To accentuate your eyes and make them bigger, you may use lash extensions.

Thick Curly Bangs for Overweight Women

46. Round Face with Wispy Bangs. This round face hairstyle creates an impression of carelessness and happiness. It suits best creative personalities, optimists, and young smiley ladies. Hardly suitable for the office.

Medium Curly Hair with Bangs for Round FacesBy Palace Flophouse Salon

47. Bangs for Round Face and Big Forehead. If the combination of plump cheeks and a big forehead makes your eyes smaller, stylish bangs will fix it easily. With side bangs across the forehead, your face will look slimmer and eyes bigger!

Round Face and Big Forehead with Side Bangs

48. Silver Bangs for Chubby Cheeks. Color your hair with bangs silver to delicately hide your facial imperfections – wrinkles, rosacea, big nose, or chubby cheeks.

Delicate Bangs for Chubby Cheeks

49. Thin Front Bangs. It takes just a couple of minutes to style this daring and dynamic haircut. Such bangs pair well with straight hair.

Thin Straight Bangs for a Round Face

50. Straight Bangs for Round Faces. The shaggy layers add some flattering height and the straight bangs plus side pieces frame and slim down the face nicely.

Short Shag with Bangs for Round Faces

Now you know that bangs for round face can look great on hair of any length, color, and texture. Use your front strands creatively to accentuate your beauty, and feel free to experiment with fringe styles!



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