50 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair in 2020

Do you want to make your thick locks more manageable? Cut it off! Here are 50 chic short hairstyles for thick hair that will never make you regret your big chop!

Have you been blessed with naturally thick hair? Then you possess one of the most enviable hair types. You’ll never have to deal with flat, limp hair or worry about making your hair look fuller. Lucky! That said, heavy hair can be a struggle. Long, thick hair takes forever to style and requires countless products just to make it brushable! That’s where short hairstyles for thick hair come in. They’re sophisticated, stylish – and so much easier to manage! Plus, with options to suit all face shapes and hair types, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Check out these 50 super chic short hairstyles for thick hair that are guaranteed to inspire your new hairdo!

1. Gorgeous Wispy Pixie Cut. If you’re a fan of softer and smoother layers, opt for a wispy cut similar to this one. It will create gradual changes in length – and a flowing frame around your face.

Wavy Brunette Pixie with Fringe

2. Feathered Stacked Bob. If this stunning feathered hairstyle doesn’t make you want to chop your hair off, we don’t know what will! It’s glamorous and casual at the same time.

Short Choppy Purple Brown Bob Hairstyle

3. Long Feathered Pixie. We absolutely love this feathered cut! It’s ultra-feminine – and seriously flattering.

Short Feathered Haircut with Bangs for Thick Hair

4. Trendy Fohawk. The ultimate hairstyle for thick straight hair, this trendy fohawk is a show-stopper – and we love it!

Raven Black Undercut Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides

5. Short Bob with a Heavy Fringe. The simple and feminine look is easy to style, and it’s ideal for those with naturally straight locks.

Short Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

6. Chic Short Angled Bob. A super trendy hairstyle for thick-haired beauties. The side-swept bangs make this hairstyle particularly suitable for round faces.

Inverted Angled Thick Bob

7. Beautiful Balayage. What a wonderful hairstyle for thick curly hair! We love the subtle balayage and the playful side-swept bangs.

Short Stacked Curly Bob with Balayage Highlights

8. Textured Short Bob. For women with thick hair that’s naturally wavy, this slightly messy look will do wonders. It’s also fairly easy to manage – all you need is a drop of pomade to add texture.

Wavy Layered Short Bob for Thick Hair

9. Sassy Red Pixie. Isn’t this pixie cut amazing? The color is simply stunning – and the cut achieves a playful, yet sophisticated effect.

Short Bright Copper Red Hairstyle

10. Layered Bob. Adding choppy layers can be a great way to make thick hair less heavy. Just make sure the layers are done with your hair type and face shape in mind – not all layered cuts will be flattering for everyone.

Layered Dark Brunette Bob

11. Short Bob and Balayage. An absolute classic, the short bob never goes out of style. It’s modern, edgy – yet so simple!

Short Stacked Dark Brunette Balayaged Bob Cut

12. Shaggy Pixie. If you’ve decided to cut your thick hair super short, your best bet is going for a cool pixie cut. This shaggy version is a breeze to style, and it’s a popular choice for women looking to opt for a more manageable haircut.

Longer Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

13. Choppy Pixie Cut. This is an edgier version of a pixie – and it looks adorable! We’re huge fans of the well-blended blonde highlights.

Choppy Brunette Pixie with Blonde Balayage and Fringe

14. Stacked Bob for Thick Hair. Whether your hair is wavy or straight, the stacked bob is one of the best options for thick hair. Want an insider tip? Side-swept bangs make it a great match if you have a heart shaped face.

Stacked Bob with Long Front Pieces for Thick Hair

15. Long, Layered Pixie. Do you find it hard to find a flattering short hairstyle for a long face? Pixies are the way to go! We absolutely love this long pixie with layers – as well as its smoky brown hair color.

Choppy Brunette Pixie Bob for Thick Tresses

16. Playful Pink Tones. Pink hair is one of the latest trends in the hairstyles world – and we think it looks fantastic on short, thick hair.

Layered Pastel Short Thick Haircut

17. Mushroom Brown Bob. Another hot color trend is mushroom brown hair. The highlights do wonders in adding dimension, and intrigue to the hairstyle.

Short Inverted Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

18. Thick Short Bob with Bangs. Isn’t this color breath-taking? We adore the copper tones, especially when they serve to enhance a graduated bob.

Graduated Copper Brown Thick Bob with Bangs

19. Wedge Hairstyle. Wedge hairstyles are shorter in the back and gradually increase in length towards the front. It’s a lovely hairstyle – that’s also very low-maintenance. If you’re looking for an easier way to manage thick frizzy wavy hair – this hairstyle’s your best bet!

Short Wedge Thick Hair Hairstyle

20. Short Blunt Bob with Bangs. Finding the right type of bangs for thick hair may take a little playing around, but most of the time you can’t go wrong with a longer fringe. You can easily push it to the side, which adds nice movement to the hair.

Nape-Length Blunt Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

21. Asymmetrical Bob. Feel like going for a chop that’s edgy, trendy and somewhat out of the ordinary? How about this quirky asymmetrical bob?

Asymmetrical Dark Brown Stacked Bob

22. Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights. Another version of a cool, playful bob that looks incredible on thick hair. The contrast of the long highlighted hair and the short dark side is eye-catching!

Choppy Asymmetrical Highlights Bob for Thick Hair

23. Short Layered Wavy Bob for Thick Hair. For thick frizzy hair that’s on the wavy side, a stylish short layered bob may be just the cut.

Dark Wavy Pixie Bob with Subtle Highlights

24. Glamorous Layered Bob. Are you searching a showy short to medium hairstyle for thick hair? There’s hardly anything chicer than this smooth layered bob we can’t help but love!

Ear-Length Thick Layered BobBy Start Parrucchieri Quarto

25. Long Straight Pixie. The pixie cut is the king of short layered haircuts! Suitable for all ages and face shapes (with the right adaptation), it’s the ultimate hairstyle for those looking to reduce the time it takes to style hair.

Longer Dark Brunette Highlighted Short Cut

26. Cute Short Chop. Looking for a cut that flatters an oval face? There are too many hairstyles that complement this type of bone structure, and a pixie cut is one of the most flattering options! Check out this cut with a feathered and highlighted front – what’s not to love!?

Short Feathered Pixie with Balayage

27. Cool Silver. The gray hair trend continues to receive plenty of praise and remains popular worldwide; do we need to tell you why? This gorgeous silver pixie is everything we could ever want from short hair!

Short Silver Gray Haircut with Layers

28. Dimensional Bob. A beautiful inverted haircut is a fantastic option for those with naturally wavy locks. Whether you have thick coarse hair, or softer thick hair, this hairstyle will suit both hair types and will be easy to style.

Inverted Bob for Thick Frizzy Wavy Hair

29. Charming Bob for Wavy Thick Hair. Here’s another gorgeous version of the stacked bob – only on a darker, one-tone hair color. It’s one of the most popular short haircuts for thick hair – and that doesn’t surprise us.

Inverted Choppy Wavy Thick Bob

30. Ultra-Modern Pixie. Finding a hairstyle that truly reflects your character is a definite bonus. Not only will it make you feel attractive and confident, it will also set an example to others who may be afraid to experiment!

Choppy Short Sides Long Top Pixie with Undercut

31. Long Textured Pixie. Do you have styling difficulties with your thick coarse hair? Consider a long pixie. You can add texture with a little bit of hair wax – but other than that, it’s simple to style.

Long Textured Haircut for Thick Hair

32. Beautiful Stacked Bob. Now, isn’t this stacked hairstyle stunning? If you would also like to add incredible shine to your hair, check out these hair serums that work like magic.

One-Length Short Stacked Bob

33. Mauve Pixie. If you’re looking for short hairstyles for thick hair but shy away from everything extremely short, then this slightly longer mauve pixie may be an option to consider.

Short Length Thick Haircut with Long Sideburns and Bangs

34. Wispy Layered Pixie. Another thing we love about the pixie cut is the unlimited potential for creativity it provides! Take a good look at the beautiful cut below, and tell us, don’t you feel inspired?

Wispy Auburn Short Pixie for Thick Hair

35. Textured Bob with Copper Highlights. Why not add a touch of sophistication to your short thick dark hair by incorporating a few copper highlights? They will draw attention but softly – without screaming for it.

Textured Layered Bob Cut with Highlights

36. Silky Smooth Tresses. Sure, having thick hair is enviable. But when your thick hair is silky and smooth, this takes the envy to a completely new level!

Short Thick Haircut with Long Layers

37. Sweet and Stylish Balayage. While a balayage on short hair can be a little bit tricky, we think this hairstyle has nailed it! It’s subtle, yet so stylish (it makes us want one!)

Choppy Wavy Thick Hair BobBy CUT artisan. hair. design.

38. Bob with Overlapping Layers. It’s eye-catching, trendy and unique. Moreover, it’ll open your eyes to just how manageable your thick hair can be.

Short Layered Bob with Elongated Back Pieces

39. Fabulous Razored Bob. The color and the cut are elegant and classy, while the longer hair left in the front adds a quirky detail. Razor cutting provides more movement, which is ideal for bringing out waves.

Modern Nape-Length Bob with Long Front Pieces

40. Sleek Bob with Dimensional Balayage. The razor cut ends create a sleek and sophisticated feel which is so on-trend right now. A fantastic option for those with long thick hair looking to change it up a bit!

Raven Black Thick Bob with Brown Balayage

41. Icy Blonde Cut for Thick Hair. Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Here’s another option for those willing to go for a big chop! The undercut is a unique detail that will make styling faster and more efficient, since the long spiky layers stand out perfectly against it.

Dark Brown and Blonde Undercut Thick Pixie

42. Super Chic Pixie. We don’t think we’ve seen a hairstyle that combines ‘simple’ and ‘sophisticated’ as perfectly as this one!

Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie Bob Haircut

43. Matte Silver Bob. There’s nothing we love more than silver locks right now. This matte gray color combined with a chic choppy bob cut easily creates a winning hairstyle!

Super Short Choppy Gray Thick Bob

44. Silky Brunette. Simplicity is key – remember? By choosing a similar hairstyle, you’ll be rocking a short and trendy look, while minimizing your time in front of the mirror!

Easy to Style Short Feathered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

45. Layered Pixie with Highlights. We simply can’t get enough of pixie cuts – and can you blame us? This gorgeous long pixie is an ideal hairstyle for thick wavy hair.

Razored Haircut for Women with Thick Hair

46. Highlighted Stacked Bob. Thick, straight hair will look fantastic in a stacked bob! Add subtle highlights – and you’ve got the perfect combo of elegance and style.

Short Stacked Brown Bob with Highlights and Glasses

47. Natural-Looking Pixie. When it comes to pixie haircuts for thick hair, they’re a fail-proof way to make styling of your hair easier. That said, finding a cut that flatters your features and makes you feel confident is key, because you can’t just tie it up into a carefree ponytail if you’re not feeling it.

Short Boyish Golden Blonde Haircut

48. Subtle Copper Highlights. Copper (a combination of red and bronze shades) is one of the most flattering hair colors. Adding a few strands of copper to your dark hair can make your deep color a lot more vibrant!

Wavy Layered Medium Bob for Thick Locks

49. Sophisticated Black Bob. Thick black hair effortlessly creates a sharp look that stands out, especially when it’s a structured and sleek look like this one.

Straight Angled Dark Brunette Bob

50. Cute Wavy Bob. Last but not least – here’s another version of this super trendy angled cut with layers in the back! Ideal for wavy hair (but will work on straight hair, too – with a decent curler).

Very Short Wavy Brunette Bob for Thick Hair

So, there you have it – the ultimate list of the best short haircuts for thick hair! There are lots of short length haircuts that look flattering on women with thick hair – from very short hairstyles for the brave – to longer ones for those who would still like to keep some length. We hope that these stunning short hairstyles for thick hair have left you feeling inspired, and full of ideas on what to do with your hair next!



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